Local Legends

∞ 100 Steps - If you count 100 while going up then 99 coming down, beware...

∞ Blue Hole - Can you hear the cries for help from this watery grave?

∞ Burford Hall - Ever hear the story of the vomiting ghost at Indiana State University?

∞ Deloris - She watched over the sick girl day and night. Who was she?

∞ Face in the Wall - You could see him watching you from the place of his death.

∞ Faceless Nun - An unfinished portrait was just the start of a legend

∞ Hells Gate - Is there actually a doorway to the beyond close by?

∞ Hill House - They were not welcome to stay

∞ Hoopsnakes - Bigfoot? No. The Loch Ness Monster? No. We have Hoopsnakes!

∞ Indiana Orchard - The oldest legend of the Wabash Valley

∞ Loup Garous - If you see it, it might be too late.

∞ Martin Sheets - Can technology be used to contact us from beyond the grave?

∞ The Odon Fires - How could this well documented event have happened?

∞ Oliver Larch - What creature could have done this?

∞ The Preston House - The house is gone but the legend lives on...

∞ Spook Light Hill - Swamp gas in Indiana? More people have seen this than any other local legend.

∞ Stiffy Green - Terre Haute's most popular spirit isn't even human.

∞ Willard Library - You can now hunt ghosts sitting in front of your own computer.

Ghostly Links

Ghost Trackers of Indiana Indiana Ghost Trackers, Inc., is a statewide not-for-profit organization with Chapters in Indiana and Chicago. We investigate paranormal activity using photography, voice recording, video and other technology that aids in the detection of unexplained phenomena. We provide no cost home and business investigations while maintaining privacy to all those requesting our help

Indianapolis, Indiana
The Historic Hannah Mansion
Phone:(317) 787-8486
Website: thehannahmansion.org

Indianapolis, Indiana
Anytime is a good time for a walking or bus tour- come visit our Underground Railroad ghost tour and learn about the only Indiana city that united together as one to help fugitives to escape. GHOST WALKS Learn about one of Indianapolis’ best kept night spots on Mass Ave and take a stroll with the ghosts who walk the streets. Take a bus tour to one of Indiana’s last Insane Asylums and learn about the spirits who keep vigil on the grounds. Open All Year Long!
Website: www.unseenpress.com

Ashmore, Illinois
Not only are the estates a top quality haunt in October, it is a well documented place of paranormal activity. Flashlight tours are available long after the screams of Halloween have faded. Google Map to the Ashmore Estates

Virgil Soundtracks
In a few short years, Virgil has widely become known in the haunt industry as "The Ether Muse". A master of music designed with the haunter in mind. Now Virgil Music has expanded into new areas. Virgil Music offers variety of soundtracks available in three distinct categories:
Ambient, Themed, and Other.
We invite you to explore the audio worlds of Virgil Music.

Now you can find those perfect tracks for your frightful MP3 collection. Purchase and download quality tracks from Gore Galore's "Sounds of Gore" as well as music and ambient tracks from composer Virgil Franklin, "Master of the Ethermuse" and Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne. Perfect for all your haunt needs. "Damnation's Embrace

Full Moon Studios
Get all of your custom fright ware and graphic designs from Terre Haute's own Full Moon Studios.

Watch classic late night Horror and Sci Fi flicks hosted by the mad Doctor Sigmund Zoid right from the comfort of your computer screen. www.alternativerealities.tv

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